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Maisah (2)

My name is Ma’isah,

I’m a farmer, Holistic Wellness Coach, Nurse/MA (CCMA), DIYer, Naturalist who loves being self-sufficient, and there’s more where that came from.

Join me on my homesteading adventure where I share with you the good, bad and the ugly of homesteading life.

Don’t go through life, Grow through life.

Dedicated to my Grandmother: Rev. Juanita Ginyard-Payne, It’s all because of you.

Our little homestead oasis "Grandma"
Grandma… It’s all because of you.

I can’t think of a name sweeter.

Always giving me treats.

Was there to comfort me when I would weep.

Told me no hill was to steep.

You raised your own; now they are grown.

You saw in your heart not to tear us apart,

taking us in with your lovely grin.

The struggle was not easy…  Read more